Information for prospective students

The social-ecological systems group is comprised of self-motivated individuals who are curious about advancing understanding about the natural world and the role of humans within it. Students who are interested in applying social science perspectives and methods to complex, dynamic conservation and resource management dilemmas (in their myriad forms) are a good fit. Interdisciplinary perspectives are embraced in our group and so an interest in the social sciences may constitute a major (or integrated) research focus. Strong critical thinking skills, the capacity for independent work, excellent writing ability and a collaborative spirit are all key considerations for recruitment in our group.

If you are curious about human dimensions of conservation and resource management (a broad research theme that encompasses near limitless forms of inquiry!), have a strong academic record, and meet the criteria above, our group would be a great fit for you!

Mentoring: Student mentoring is a core priority within the SES group. As PI, I seek to create a rich environment for academic development comprised of a positive and supportive research community; funding; productive workspace; high levels of contact and engagement (e.g. through weekly individual meetings as well as research group meetings); and opportunities for collaboration with colleagues within and beyond UBC.

Funding: Funding for students in my research group comes from fellowships, entrance scholarships, external awards, RAs and/or TAs. In addition, students are encouraged to take an active role in developing and honing their grant writing skills, and applying for their own funding.

Follow up: If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the SES research group please email me with a brief description of your research interests and attach your CV. I look forward to hearing from you!