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Dispatches from the field: Negotiating plural knowledges in community conservancies

MSc student Kasmira Cockerill is working in close partnership with Sera Community Conservancy located in the semi-arid rangelands of Northern Kenya to explore the use of plural knowledges in conservation decision making. Check out the latest issue of Branchlines to read about her research!

SES research group welcomes new Master’s student Ricardo Pelai

Ricardo has been an integral member of the SES research group since its inception in 2015. He recently graduated from the Natural Resources Conservation program here at UBC in the Global Perspectives Major. This September Ricardo began his MSc graduate program. Ricardo is working with the GELS (human dimensions) team as part of the CoAdapTree […]

Congratulations to newly minted MSc graduate Alice Henry!

Alice’s thesis examines bridging organizations and perceptions of legitimacy in the Great Bear Rainforest. Alice has the added distinction of being the very first graduate of the SES lab (established Sept. 2015). Congrats Alice!

Undergraduate student Ricardo Pelai’s poster received an award at Harvard!

Congratulations to Ricardo Pelai who was recently awarded an Award of Excellence in the social sciences for the poster he presented at the National Collegiate Research Conference in Harvard.

New article on the use of global targets in conservation governance now out in Conservation Letters

Past shortfalls to meet global biodiversity targets have simultaneously prompted questions about the relevance of global environmental conventions, and sparked renewed ambition, for example, in the form of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. While progress toward the Aichi Targets through the Convention on Biological Diversity is well-documented globally, less is known at the national level. We […]

Doctoral student Yemi Adeyeye recently selected as one of the 2016-17 UBC Public Scholars!

Congratulations to SES research group member Yemi Adeyeye who was recently selected as one of this years UBC Public Scholars! You can find out more about the Public Scholars program and Yemi’s doctoral research here!

The SES research group welcomes new Master’s student Kasmira Cockerill!

Kasmira joined the SES group in September 2016. Kasmira has an undergraduate degree in botany and has spent the past 4 years working with conservation conservancies in Northern Kenya. Kasmira’s thesis research will focus on participation, knowledge and decision making in the context of conservancies in Kenya. Check out Kasmira’s bio here!

New article on institutional adaptation to climate change in Pacific Northwest Forests now out in the journal Land Use Policy

This article examines the implementation of national climate adaptation initiatives in the context of the United States Forest Service (USFS). Based on semi-structured interviews (N = 25), this paper provides an empirical account of how USFS aquatic resources managers and specialists working at regional and sub-regional levels within the Pacific Northwest region (PNW) are responding […]

Recently awarded | Hampton New Faculty Award

Shannon was recently awarded a UBC Hampton New Faculty Award to extend her research on global environmental governance. This particular project will focus on the negotiation of tradeoffs and decisions taken at the science-policy interface of the upcoming World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Project title: Planet at the Crossroads: Re-negotiating a global agenda for nature […]

The SES research group welcomes three new graduate students!

Sophie Lewis, Yemi Adeyeye and Alice Henry joined the SES research group this September. They are pursuing diverse projects around the globe, but share interests in community forestry, forest governance, the politics of knowledge and sustainable livelihoods. Check out their bio’s here.

Conservation in the Anthropocene

In the latest issue of Branchlines