Welcome to the SES Research Group!

We conduct research that is motivated by curiosity about complex, policy-relevant dilemmas in social-ecological systems (SESs), including conservation and resource management systems. Common themes of interest in our group include exploring the interrelated roles of human behavioral, institutional, and policy dimensions of environmental issues. Our work is interdisciplinary, problem-focused, policy-oriented and empirical. We seek to advance fundamental knowledge within the environmental social sciences and humanities as well as develop insights for informing practice in a rapidly changing and contested world.

Current topics of interest include:

  • Adaptation to climate change in biodiversity conservation and resource management
  • Impacts of REDD+ in community forests
  • Contested cultures of conservation in an era of global change
  • Social acceptability of novel interventions for biodiversity conservation
  • Politics of knowledge in natural resource governance
  • Implementing the Aichi Biodiversity Targets
  • Alternative livelihoods strategies in forest-dependent communities
  • Social-ecological perspectives on natural resource governance in mountain societies