Welcome to the SES Research Group!

We conduct problem-focused, policy-oriented research that is motivated by a curiosity to better understand societal dimensions of dilemmas associated with the governance and management of social-ecological systems (SESs). Thematically, we explore values-based, institutional, and science-policy dimensions of environmental issues as they are expressed in conservation and resource management. Our goal is to advance knowledge within the environmental social sciences and humanities, as well as develop insights for informing practice in a rapidly changing and contested world.

Here are some of the environmental issues and controversies that we are currently working on:

  • Conservation in the Anthropocene: Social acceptability, tradeoffs and governance challenges arising from proposals to implement novel conservation interventions (e.g. assisted migration)
  • Climate change adaptation: Human dimensions of adaptation to climate change in conservation and resource management systems
  • Indigenous governance: Indigenous-led conservation initiatives including tribal parks
  • Politics of knowledge: Negotiating multiple forms of knowledge from community-based conservation to global conservation governance
  • Politics, prospects and potential pitfalls of targets-based conservation governance: Producing and implementing the Aichi Biodiversity Targets within the Convention on Biological Diversity